Mien Hoon Pakistan (Surrey Jaguars Special)

Title: “Mein Hoon Pakistan: Embracing Cricket in Canada” Episode #: 96 (Only on Canada on TV at 8PM EST)
Note: Will also be live on social media platforms.

Synopsis: In this exciting episode of “Mein Hoon Pakistan,” join host Salman Arshad as he delves into Canada’s fascinating world of cricket. Celebrating the love of cricket and its growing popularity in the country, this episode brings together a remarkable lineup of guests who share their experiences and insights.

Segment 1 – On Call: Surrey Jaguars’ Pride In the first segment, Salman Arshad connects with Harjinder Singh Dhanawa, the passionate owner of Surrey Jaguars, one of Canada’s most promising cricket teams. Joined by Ranjit Bagwe, the visionary CEO of Surrey Jaguars, they discuss the team’s journey, its objectives, and its upcoming inaugural tournament. Get ready to explore the ambitious goals set by Surrey Jaguars and their vision for cricket in Canada.

Segment 2 – On Call: Lalchand Rajput – A Legend’s Perspective In the second segment, the show welcomes the legendary Lalchand Rajput, a former Indian cricketer, World Cup-winning coach for India, and the current coach of Surrey Jaguars. Lalchand Rajput shares his thoughts on the growth of cricket in Canada, his experiences coaching different national teams, including Zimbabwe, and the significance of the Global T20 tournament. Discover how Lalchand Rajput’s coaching expertise is helping shape Surrey Jaguars in the third edition of the Global T20.

Segment 3 – In Studio: Canada’s Rising Stars Bringing the excitement closer to home, “Mein Hoon Pakistan” invites Ammar Khalid and Dillon Hyliger, two fast bowlers from Canada’s national team to the studio. The dynamic duo shares their personal journeys, challenges faced as aspiring cricketers, and the incredible opportunities cricket has provided them. Gain insights into the development of Canada’s cricket talent and the efforts being made to nurture and showcase emerging players. “Mein Hoon Pakistan: Embracing Cricket in Canada” is a celebration of the sport’s growing popularity in Canada, highlighting the efforts of Surrey Jaguars and the talented individuals shaping the nation’s cricketing landscape. Join host Salman Arshad as he engages with these cricketing enthusiasts and takes viewers on a captivating journey into the heart of Canadian cricket.