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Wasif Kazmi was abducted exactly a month back, he was forced to make a statement on 9th April against Ex MNA. We haven’t heard from him ever since. His family and friends are worried for his safety. Sign the petition, and let’s bring him home #releasewasifkazmi

Short Story of Wasif Kazmi by @SyedAlZaidi

Let me introduce you to the heart-wrenching story of Wasif Kazmi – a British citizen who has fallen victim to a despicable fascist regime. Kazmi has been torn away from his life for over 24 days now, and he remains unjustly held in custody under false charges.
Having spent the majority of his life in the UK since his high school years, Kazmi is a man of genuine simplicity, honesty, and unwavering patriotism. In stark contrast to the cunning and self-serving nature of many Pakistanis,
Kazmi’s authenticity may have been his downfall, leading to his continued detention. It is a tragic tale of injustice and the crushing of an innocent spirit.

Please use this email template to send a message to your local MPs, MPPS, congressman, and state senators and ask them to talk about Wasif Kazmi:

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Name of the Leader
Address Line 1
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To: abcdefg@parliament.uk
CC: abc@othernoticable leader, londonoutreach@hrw.org, mailto:ahmadt@parliament.uk contactholmember@parliament.uk, blackgv@parliament.uk, contactholmember@parliament.uk
Subject: Abduction of British Citizen Wasif Kazmi in Pakistan
Dear __________ ,
I am writing to express my grave concern about the recent abduction of Syed Wasif Tauqeer Kazmi, a British citizen with passport number GBR 519XXXX, by a fascist regime. He was abducted from his cousin’s house in Islamabad, Pakistan on 24 March 2023, and since then, his family and friends have been left in the dark about his whereabouts or well-being.
I urge the UK government to take this matter seriously and to do everything in its power to ensure the safe return of Mr. Kazmi. His abduction is a violation of his human rights and a clear indication of the lawlessness of the regime in question.
As a British citizen, Mr. Kazmi has the right to protection and support from his government, and it is the responsibility of the UK government to ensure that his rights are upheld. I implore the UK Home Ministry to use all diplomatic and legal channels to demand information about Mr. Kazmi's condition and whereabouts, and to ensure that he is released unharmed.
It is my understanding that Mr. Kazmi was in Pakistan on holiday to visit his relatives when he was abducted from his cousin's home. This is a deeply concerning development, and it highlights the risks that British citizens can face when travelling to certain countries.
I urge you to take immediate action and to keep me informed of any developments in this matter.
Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.
Your Name
Contact number: 123 456 7890

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