The Amazing story of the Establishment of Al-Jallal
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CEO & Founder of Al-Jallal Brand:

Late Mirza Arshad Ramzan

Mr. Arshad Ramzan was founder and CEO of Al-Jalal Group Co. that owns and operates a gas station, gas agencies, and supports small businesses across Pakistan. He had a passion for education, law and political sciences and always strived for more knowledge. His passion for learning and strong values of hard work, honesty and community service led to a desire of helping people and to a path of public service and advocacy. He was elected twice for City Council for the city of Bhalwal. In the legislature, he focused on multiple issues including education reform, healthcare access, criminal justice and more. To this day, his actions and work ethic is applauded and admired by the people of Bhalwal. 
In the early 2000, like many immigrants, Mr. Ramzan decided to move to Canada with his family for the pursuit of better opportunities for himself and his family. Therefore, despite all his success in his home country, he selflessly chose the more difficult life of an immigrant. He moved to a country where language, culture, and society was a barrier for him. His children all are very successful in their careers now.


Muhammad Salman Arshad (B.ENG)

Muhammad S. Arshad is a very vocal social activist. Salman works for an amazing social media company name HVR. At HVR, Salman considers himself a reverse engineer. He tests HVR applications and products by method of reverse engineering to make HVR products not only user-friendly but an excellent social experience for all of its users. Designing, developing, and executing test plans (Back-end & Front-end) to improve the quality of the product is part of his daily routine. 

Education: Salman has a bachelor of engineering degree from Carleton University Ottawa.
Sports: Salman plays cricket the most competitive level of cricket in Canada.  He also leads several cricket teams. Badminton is another sport that he enjoys.
Salman is very vocal about political activities and human rights issues around the globe. 

Salman has hosted many TV shows in the Urdu language:

TV shows about sports. at Awaz Entertainment

Educational Show during Covid with Doctors. at Awaz Entertainment

Current affairs (political and social situation of Pakistan and Canada involving Pakistans) at Awaz Entertainment

Canadian federal election coverage  On Canada One TV.

Pakistan social and political issue (Mien hoon Pakistan) Above 85 episodes on Canada One TV




Muhammad Z. Arshad - CPA

Muhammad Z Arshad is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with over 10 years of experience in the accounting and finance industry. He currently works as a Accounting Manager at a multinational company. 

In his role as an Accounting Manager, Muhammad is responsible for managing financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. He also oversees the day-to-day financial operations of the company.

In addition to his professional experience, Muhammad is also involved in community and charitable organizations. He also likes hiking, biking and other sports such as cricket, golf and basketball.

DR. Aysha Arshad

Aysha Arshad completed her bachelors of science from McMaster University and continued to pursue her dream of medicine at Western University of Health Sciences. She will be graduating as a doctor and continue her residency in the field of Pediatric Neurology. She has also published in numerous science journals on topics ranging from continuing medical education to infectious disease and neurology. She hopes to achieve her medical goals in order to help vulnerable populations and provide the same form of care to her patients that was once provided to her father by his medical team.

Self Portrait, 2018