Short Story of Wasif Kazmi by @SyedAlZaidi

A Pakistani-born UK citizen who is detained in Islamabad on March 23rd, 2023, for speaking his mind about Pakistan’s political situation on Twitter.

Let me introduce you to the heart-wrenching story of Wasif Kazmi – a British citizen who has fallen victim to a despicable fascist regime. Kazmi has been torn away from his life for over 24 days now, and he remains unjustly held in custody under false charges.
Having spent the majority of his life in the UK since his high school years, Kazmi is a man of genuine simplicity, honesty, and unwavering patriotism. In stark contrast to the cunning and self-serving nature of many Pakistanis,
Kazmi’s authenticity may have been his downfall, leading to his continued detention. It is a tragic tale of injustice and the crushing of an innocent spirit.